What is CCC?



Why Crowd Cloud Camp?

We believe in the capability and potential of the young IT people, who are ready to face real time projects, challenges and the world trends in the IT sphere. Motivated from this, we represent you the Crowd Cloud Camp, place where students can upgrade and implement their gained knowledge through work on real time projects and theoretical training’s – all of this for free. For the end, if the students show their true dedication and motivation towards the project, the chances for hiring in one of the companies are more than real 🙂



What we offer is training that will be enabled through work on real time projects, soft skills trainings and foreign language courses. The concept of the Camp is a making different tents (.NET, Android, iOS, Java and so on) which will be lead by Senior mentors. The groups (tents) will be made of different number of students, depends on the needs of the project/client.



YOU! A motivated student from one of the IT Faculties, ready to make the next step in upgrading his//her knowledge and business skills.



The training will take place in the offices of ITCrowd. Dive into the opportunities and challenges Crowd Cloud Camp offers! We are waiting for you!

This project is supported by Radix Technologies and ITCrowd