Soft Skills

  • Buisness English

    Classes for all interns with business terms and phrases.

  • Beginner German

    Basic German for the interns that have non experience

  • Intermediate German

    Intermediate German for those that have a basis.

  • Buisness German

    For the interns that know German but need to add more business terms and phrases.

  • Professional Communication

    • E-mailling and proper digital etiquette.
    • Client communication and handling.

  • Presentation Skills

    • Learning how to present in front of different audiences.
    • Body language and using proper diction.
    • Proper usage of audio/visual aids.

  • Reporting

    • Learning to create templates for different types of reporting.
    • Proper presentation of reports.

  • Crisis Communication

    Handling crisis and communication with stakeholders, clients and concerned sides.

  • Identity Design

    Maybe the most important part when it comes to design,is to know how to design a brand no matter how big the client company is.